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Adding timezones to your tmux status bar

23 Apr 2019

I quite like having various times displayed in my tmux status bar. I’ve got family in a few different countries, and my client is in San Fransico. It look a little fiddling, but, it works ;). The tricksy bit is that these tmux scripts don’t run in the context of your full (bash/zsh) profile, but in a stripped down .sh profile, so, you’re a bit more limited in what you can easily run.

There are quite likely nicer ways to do this, but, firstly make a little file with the timezone you’re after, for example, here’s one for New Zealand

Contents of

NZ=`TZ="Pacific/Auckland" date +"%H:%M"`
echo "NZ: $NZ"

Then add a path to the script and appropriate colours to your bar…

status line in .tmux.conf

set -g status-right-length 80
set -g status-right '#[fg=colour233,bg=colour245,bold] #(~/pathto/ #[fg=colour233,bg=colour241,bold] %d/%b #[fg=colour233,bg=colour245,bold] %H:%M'

End result looks like:

tmux times

If you want more, have a look in my dotfiles repo