Todayish I learned

stay on target. stay on current-target

16 Mar 2017

I was setting up an event handler in jQuery today. I want to move to React or Vue, but just not there yet.

Anyway, the JavaScript was falling over because I had set some data-attributes on the element, and then I was looking for those elements in the callback.

Unfortunately, I was looking at the target instead of the currentTarget. Basically if you have HTML like this:

  <button class="outer" data-blah="something">
    <i class="inner">something</i>
  $(document).on("click", ".outer", callSomeFunction);

Then, depending on whether you click on the inner or the outer element, the will point to the inner or outer element (i.e what you actually clicked on, not what you’ve bound the delegated event to)

However, if you use event.currentTarget all will be well in the world.